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  •  -11% Indo Pro Trampoline Scooter-Trampoline Scooters-ScootWorld.eu

    Indo Pro Trampoline Scooter

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    Perfect your scooter skills with the Pro edition of the Indo Trampoline ScooterThe guys over at Indo have been working hard on this puppy. Their Pro Trampoline scooter is much closer in effect and center-of-gravity to actual pro scooters than its predecessors. With a massive update on the headset, they have been able to perfect the feel of practicing whips and other tricks. Specifications Weight: 1400gBar material: Aluminium 6061Bar height: 740mmBar width: 540mmAssembly: Partly assembled Recommended for: 5 years +

    5-7 workday delivery


  •  -11% Indo Trampoline Scooter Bar-Trampoline Scooters-ScootWorld.eu

    Indo Trampoline Scooter Bar

    5-7 workday delivery

    5-7 workday delivery


  •  -11% Indo Trampoline Scooter-Trampoline Scooters-ScootWorld.eu

    Indo Trampoline Scooter

    5-7 workday delivery

    5-7 workday delivery

    €77,43 - €86,33

  •  -11% Indo Bug Trampoline Løbehjul-Trampoline Scooters-ScootWorld.eu

    Indo Bug Trampoline Løbehjul

    5-7 workday delivery

    5-7 workday delivery


Learn new and crazier stunts with trampoline scooters

A trampoline scooter is a great choice if you want to learn new cool tricks. It can be used on both trampolines and indoors, and will not cause any damage to the trampoline. 

You can also use trampoline scooters on trampolines to learn and do crazy stunts and flips, that you wouldn't necessarily be able to do, or dare to, on a regular stunt scooter.

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