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Protection Sets

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  •  -11% Triple Eight Little Tricky Junior 3-pack Protection Set (Kids)-Protection-ScootWorld.eu

    Triple Eight Little Tricky Junior 3-pack Protection Set (Kids)

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    Complete 3-pack protection from Triple Eight. Made for for juniors and smaller riders. Includes knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. Great for skateboarding, roller skates and cycling. Made from light-weight EVA foam.  Recommended for:  5 - 10 years

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  •  -11% CORE Beskyttelsessæt 3-pak-Protection-ScootWorld.eu

    CORE Beskyttelsessæt 3-pak

    5-7 workday delivery

    5-7 workday delivery


  •  -11% CORE Junior Beskyttelsessæt 3-pak-Protection-ScootWorld.eu

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  •  -11% TSG Basic Protection Set-Protection-ScootWorld.eu

    TSG Basic Protection Set

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    High-quality knee-, wrist- and elbow pads protective gear set for kids, youth, and adults. Great for Scootering, BMX bike, riding, cycling, and skateboard.

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    €59,63 - €62,26

  •  -11% Tempish Rimz Protection Set 3-Pack-Protection-ScootWorld.eu

    Tempish Rimz Protection Set 3-Pack

    5-7 workday delivery

    Stay safe with impact-dampening protection gear by TempishThe Rimz Skate Pads 3-pack by Tempish is a strong, protective, and affordable set that consists of wrist-, knee-, and elbow pads.Inside all protectors, you'll find a soft fabric that both feels nice against the skin, but also absorbs moisture well, allowing you to stay fresh for hours. Also, they're fitted with an inner foam layer that reduces vibrations and dampens the power of impacts.All pads are made in a tight-fitting sleeve design with elastic Velcro straps, making them stay correctly in place all session long.

    5-7 workday delivery

    €35,60 - €44,46

  •  -11% Triple Eight Protection Set 3-Pack-Protection-ScootWorld.eu

    Triple Eight Protection Set 3-Pack

    5-7 workday delivery

    Complete protection set from Triple Eight. This includes knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. High quality protection made from foam and polycarbonate for maximum protection without limiting movement.  

    5-7 workday delivery

    €38,27 - €46,16

  •  -11% Triple Eight Wristsaver Slide On Wrist Guards-Protection-ScootWorld.eu

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    €21,36 - €22,21

The perfect protection set for action sports

Our complete protection sets contain everything you need to stay safe. Our protection sets contain knee pads, elbow pads and wrist savers. These are perfect for new riders who want to stay safe when learning their new favourite action sport hobby. make sure that you invest in proper protection gear, before you get injured or hurt. 

Don't forget to also check out our action sport helmets. This is the most important protection that you can get when you're out riding. If you don't already own a helmet, check out our cool and colorful collection.

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